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Need for aquarium pebbles in aquatic life

Aquarium pebbles make the look of the aquarium more attractive. Also, they are available in different sizes and shapes according to the size of the aquarium. Moreover, it also serves an essential purpose rather than decoration.

Functions of aquarium pebbles for aquatic life

  • The most important function is to provide the biological filtration to get the bacteria in a sound stage.
  • The aquarium pebbles are responsible for the pleasant environment for the fish. It gives the fish various places to hide; moreover, it provides enrichment for bottom-dwellers whose preference is to knock together through the medium of pebbles for bits of food.
  • It can also be used to modify the chemistry of water, as in a case if fish wanted to live in hard water, then a coral pebble can help you make the balance in the proper form.
  • However, pebbles can provide a safe home for fish eggs.
  • If you put some live plants in the aquarium, then only pebbles will be able to form circumstances that help in living the live plant.
  • The proper pebbles in the aquarium ensure the plants’ roots are well, and the plants’ nutrition level is matched.
  • In short, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of aquarium fishes.
  • The primary benefit of aquarium pebbles is that they take over the reflections within the tank responsible for developing the stress in the fish.