A complete guide to company t shirt embroidery 

T-shirt printing, as the name suggests, is the act or process of printing on a t-shirt. These commercially available printed t-shirts can then be sold. Selling bespoke t-shirts or creating company t shirt embroidery is one of the most popular business ideas. 

Screen printing method

The inks in screen printing tend to be thicker than in other printing techniques, resulting in a more precise and vibrant product with longer durability.


  • Ink quality is better
  • It is simple to make hundreds of t-shirts in a short amount of time and at a low cost utilizing screen printing technology.


  • It requires a large work area.
  • Demands additional money to buy the equipment, as well as
  • Designs with different colors take longer to setup

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Heat transfer printing method

In a nutshell, the heat transfer method is melting a design into a company t shirt embroidery using a heat press machine.


  • Results in high-quality prints
  • It is very cost-effective
  • Little to no mess involved.


  • If heat transfer is done incorrectly, designs may break and fade quickly.
  • When compared to screen printing, high-volume orders can be costly and time-consuming.

Direct to garment 

Includes printing design directly onto a t-shirt using cutting-edge inkjet technology. These prints are often of high quality, with vibrant colors and a velvety texture.


  • Capable of printing complex designs with no color restrictions.
  • When compared to screen printing, setup time is significantly reduced on printing to the company t shirt embroidery.
  • In comparison to other ways, the workflow is less clumsy.


  • Inkjet printers can be quite costly.
  • These machines necessitate a significant amount of maintenance.

In conclusion, the artwork for company t shirt embroidery, which might be a detailed design, typography, or image, is applied or printed onto the t-shirt.