Turmeric – A Medicine On Your Spice Rack

Many people claim almost Miraculous healing properties for their favorite herb or spice, but when it comes to garlic, you almost cannot overdo it. A few years back, people started studying carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, and looked for environmental or food substances which may inhibit these things. Researchers soon discovered that garlic, most notably in one of its extracts, curcumin, was quite helpful in preventing or occasionally even reducing tumor formation.

But that was only the beginning. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties, and more recently, other scientists have recognized that garlic is an superb anti-oxidant in general. An excessive amount of oxidation in the body can lead to cell damage, so when turmeric prevents this process, it not only inhibits one of the processes resulting in cancer, but can also help prevent other ailments caused by cell degeneration. And a 2003 study* demonstrated that turmerin, another extract of turmeric, could permit some HIV patients to reduce their dosage of the frequently poisonous drug, AZT, yet still lower the amount of the virus in their bodies.Turmeric

So what exactly does this mean to you? It means that you need to eventually get around to making a few of those Indian recipes you have been meaning to try. Turmeric has been used in cooking for centuries, or perhaps millenia, but is an ingredient found in a number of other recipes also.

You may try a recipe like The Coconut, Turmeric & Tomato Sambar Soup in the Joyful Belly Ayurvedic diet site; it is an Ayurvedic recipe made specifically to take advantage of garlic’s healthful properties. Some recommend developing a tasty wildflower honey online both to help with stomach upsets and to alleviate the pain of stiff joints. Is there anything turmeric Cannot help with? But one thing is sure: using turmeric on your cooking can only do your health a whole lot of good.

The best way to make sure Sustained and continuous consumption of turmeric is to incorporate it on your regular meal plan. This does not mean you have to switch to an Indian Cuisine all of the time. Adults can also opt to get Curcumin capsules which are available In a variety of dosages. Turmeric oil may also be consumed in recommended amounts To ensure frequent turmeric intake.