emf dangers

Technology is best when it brings people together, we’re changing the world with the technology

The technology which is the best technology in this upgrading society, it is very useful for everyone many advantages are there in these networks it is the updated version of the 4G, it works more faster than other services. This network is very speed and those frequencies are also so speed, it has higher capacity and has increased bandwidth compared to 4G because of this network, gamers and industrials having many advantages there will be fast downloading and uploading the apps, pdfs etc. the internet will be with high speed.

Technology is useful as servant but it is dangerous as master

It is the network which has no speed limit, because of this network there will be many sleep disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea can affect, and safety of your life and school, work, mental health and physical health issues, diabetes, heart diseases, if there is no enough sleep, then it can hurt your quality of your life. That the technology is 5G and sleep disorders, if you will not sleep properly for 8 to 7 hours then you get many health issues, the network is speed and updating, but it is not good for health it has health risks for everyone, now a days every one is using smart phones even children are also using the smart phone, if it updating the technology, it is good, but that technology should not consist of high-risk factors.